International Tobacco Growers' Association

The International Tobacco Growers Association gathered its Asian members in March to discuss challenges growers are facing. more


Tobacco growers from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America gathered in October, asking governments and institutions to open talks to address the sector’s challenges due to a decrease in demand for tobacco products. more


The International Tobacco Growers Association reports there have been innumerable constraints on leaf production this season. more


Tobacco growers urge governments to open talks in order to promote discussion with governments and international bodies about the challenges the sector faces due to a decrease in demand for tobacco products in a lack of alternative crops. more


The International Tobacco Growers’ Association’s annual regional meeting of the Americas this year gathered associations from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and the US. more


The International Tobacco Growers’ Association held its 31st annual general meeting in September in New Delhi. more


It is no longer just growers and associations seeking alternative crops to tobacco production. The industry itself has already surrendered to this transition. more


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