plain packaging

One year from the controversial introduction of plain packaging in the UK, new research commissioned by JTI and conducted by independent polling company Kantar TNS reveals that the majority of the public are not supportive of the policy. more


The Sri Lankan Cabinet has approved a proposal submitted by Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, minister of health, to introduce plain packaging on tobacco products. more


A letter sent by the Property Rights Alliance to the World Health Organization says the removal of brands from packaging is a “gross violation” of intellectual property rights and has failed to achieve its intended goals. more


While legislation means that plain packaging is an increasing prerequisite for many tobacco packs, certain Asian markets still allow brands to reflect their identity through their packaging. more


Plain packaging will be enforced as part of a law to be presented in France in the coming months, a government official says. more


“Government is committed to implement plain packaging not only because we believe in its effectiveness but we are also sure that the trend worldwide would reduce the number of people getting hooked on smoking,” Mauritius minister says. more


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