Gutka is a chewable form of tobacco made from crushed areca nut, tobacco, paraffin wax, and flavoring. Read more


A special committee of the Pakistan Senate met early August to look into the decline in revenue from the tobacco industry. Read more


With Bangladesh’s tobacco production ever increasing, the commodity contributes a sizeable portion of the world’s supplies. Tobacco Asia takes a look at the country’s industry and talks to two of the main players. Read more


Tobacco cultivation provides employment opportunities to 75,000 farmers’ families in rural areas and over one million direct and indirect employment to the rest of the population in Pakistan. Read more


The Competition Commission of Pakistan advises the Federal Board of Revenue to lower the qualification criteria to hire firms for installing a new trace and tracking system at cigarette production plants. Read more


Tobacco cultivating areas in Swabi are expected to soon receive a total of Rs256 million from a tobacco cess development fund for the fiscal year 2016-17. Read more


Philip Morris Pakistan Limited has installed solar panels at its manufacturing facilities in Kotri and Sahiwal with combined capacity of 458.6 kilowatt peak. The solar panels are also capable of CO2 emission reduction by up to 362 tons per annum. Read more


From the Associate editor

Sustainability and Innovation

Two seemingly juxtaposed concepts, ensuring continuity of what already exits and introducing what doesn’t but should. Could the tobacco industry do both?

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