Events 2023

(Updated November 30, 2022)

Events 2023

February 2023

TPE - Total Product Expo
February 22-24, 2023
Las Vegas, NV, United States
Focus: Exhibition of tobacco, vapor, and alternative.

March 2023

MARCH 10-11, 2023
Malaga, Spain
Focus: NGP, HNB, CBD, Vape, E-Cigs, Disposables
WeChat/WhatsApp: +19178430000
Skype: glennajohn

May 2023

May 4-10, 2023
Dusseldorf, Germany
Focus: world's largest packing/packaging related exhibition.

June 2023

World Vape Show
June 21-23, 2023
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

September 2023

InterTabac/InterSupply | *RECOMMENDED EVENT
September 14-16, 2023
Dortmund, Germany
WhatsApp/WeChat: +19178430000
By far, world's largest tobacco/tobacco-related/vape exhibition.
Focus: Comprehensive global industry exhibition of all tobacco products (cigars, cigarettes, shisha, etc), accessories, e-cigarettes, vape/vapor, NGP, HNB; suppliers of equipment, machinery, supplies, services, raw materials for manufacturers and OEM/ODM suppliers of products/services.