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TOBACCO ASIA is the ONLY magazine written and edited for the regional tobacco industry. It's the best and most cost-effective way to support a company’s sales and communications program to the Asia/Middle East/Oceania regional tobacco industry.

TOBACCO ASIA’s unparalleled reach to manufacturers benefits all companies supplying equipment, machinery, supplies, services, and tobacco leaf. And TOBACCO ASIA’s penetration into the major wholesalers and distributors and their networks in Asia uniquely benefits the tobacco products and accessories suppliers as well.

When talking about total circulation in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, TOBACCO ASIA magazine’s distribution out here is greater than all the international tobacco industry magazines COMBINED.

Published bi-monthly in separate Chinese and English editions, TOBACCO ASIA provides greater exposure for your brand.

Tobacco Asia has several options for print advertising, online advertising, banners, bellybands, jackets, newsletter sponsorship, etc.

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