Oscar House

Q&A: Oscar House

USTC's Oscar House talks about the tobacco industry and the ongoing trade war between the United States and China in this exclusive Tobacco Asia interview.

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It is undeniable that many of the industry’s innovations originate in China. The ingenuity of Chinese manufacturers is second to none when it comes to r&d of new products that answer the demands of both the industry and consumers. Read more


As the effect of China’s demographic dividend reaching its peak begins to subside, the logistics industry is shifting from being labor intensive to being technology intensive, from traditional models to smart logistics Read more


Thailand’s Cannabis Drive is No Free-For-All Bonanza

Thomas Schmid

In February, Thailand legalized cannabis, joining a craze currently sweeping Europe and North America. But there is a catch: it’s only for medical use. Read more


Packaging Materials: What Goes Around, Comes Around

James Walker

Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging to foster a “circular economy” is slowly making inroads in the tobacco sector. But there is still a long way to go. Read more


South Africa’s Tobacco Tax Mess

Smokey Treats (Pty) Ltd.

South Africa, one of the largest cigarette markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, has maneuvered itself into an unsavory tax-dodging situation unique in the world. Read more


For China’s e-cigarette market, there is no clear regulatory department, no clear special laws, and regulations. Tobacco control experts and industry associations have called for the introduction of relevant laws and regulations. Read more


EVALI: What Manufacturers Have Long Been Saying, Finally Heard

British American Tobacco

The year 2019 presented some challenges for the e-cigarette industry. After months of investigations, recent findings are in line with what manufacturers said all along – quality and safety are key. Read more


Luxury Cigarette Brands: European Royalty

Japan Tobacco International

Europe may have her royal houses, but she also boasts a remarkable lineup of exquisitely “royal” cigarette brands steeped in history, tradition and, of course, luxury. Read more