The UK branch of Philip Morris International launched its “Hold My Light” anti-smoking campaign with ads in several newspapers late October. Read more


Russia’s statistics agency says 24.4% more cigarettes were produced in June 2018 despite anti-smoking measures such as prices hikes and advertising bans. Read more


The Foundation for Smoke Free World has advised farmers that there is a need to shift from tobacco to other crops that could be the country’s main earner as pressure from anti-smoking lobbyists grows. Read more


Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg announces a new initiative: STOP, short for Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products. Read more


Manufacturers begin running court-mandated advertisements as part of a settlement of a lawsuit with the Department of Justice over misleading statements that began nearly 20 years ago. Read more


The Davao City Anti-Smoking Task Force is now planning to add the pollutant tax to all cigarette sellers in the city. Read more


India’s government has threatened Philip Morris International with “punitive action” over the company’s alleged violation of the country’s anti-smoking laws. Read more


From the Associate editor

Reflections and Resolutions

An eventful year for an industry undergoing changes, and more to come.

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