Ex-smokers and medical associations are threatening legal action to get “too unhealthy” cigarettes that exceed European norms for nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide banned. more


Russia’s statistics agency says 24.4% more cigarettes were produced in June 2018 despite anti-smoking measures such as prices hikes and advertising bans. more


Former New York mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg donates to a trio of anti-tobacco organizations to up their game against the tobacco industry. more


Two leading Canadian anti-tobacco groups that campaigned against smoking and tobacco products are preparing to close their doors after the money they expected to see in the most recent federal budget failed to materialize. more


The Food and Drug Administration is taking another look at premium cigars, asking for more information which would be used to decide how it should regulate them. Anti-tobacco groups fear this could weaken regulations. more


The head of the Sudan Scholars Corporation has issued a religious decree banning tobacco. more


Tobacco Asia asks whether sustainability programs are intended to placate industry opponents. Respondents insist their support is based on honest intentions. more


From the Associate editor

Marketing 101

There is no industry more regulated than the tobacco industry, and this extends to its marketing. But, do basic marketing concepts differ much between tobacco and any other product?

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