The Tobacco Authority of Thailand is lobbying for a license to produce cannabis-based cigarettes, hoping that if it can get the go-ahead to do so, the cannabis cigarettes would be as available in convenience stores as normal tobacco cigarettes Read more


Malawi is following in the footsteps of other African countries to look at legalizing cannabis. Read more


Tobacco leaf production goes into 2019 with earlier projections pointing to volumes around 5.14 million tons during this crop season. Read more


Philip Morris head André Calantzopoulos says making an investment in the cannabis industry may be too risky of a move at this time. Read more


A subsidiary of tobacco giant Imperial Brands has joined with seed investment firm Casa Verde to invest in British medical marijuana research firm Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies. Read more


Alliance One International Inc. has entered the cannabis market with the acquisition of two Canadian companies. Read more


Imperial Tobacco Canada is speaking out against the way legislation regulates the branding of cannabis products. Read more


Swiss manufacturer Heimat has developed a new product combining tobacco with low-tétrahydrocannabinol cannabis. Swiss supermarket Coop is selling tobacco and hemp cigarettes across its 2,400 outlets. Read more


A new synthetic tobacco laced with cannabis chemicals called “Ganesha” was discovered in Indonesia. Read more


From the Associate editor

Regulating by science,
not prejudice

Everyone can agree that regulations should be in place to control e-cigarettes. But, shouldn’t these regulations be based on new scientific findings more than old prejudice?

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