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As European and North American markets approach saturation, a number of western e-liquid manufacturers have begun pushing into Asia, especially China. Tobacco Asia talks to two prominent European companies that see bright futures in the East. Read more


The US Food and Drug Administration finalizes its guidance for manufacturers submitting new tobacco product applications through a pre-market tobacco product application. Read more


More than 50,000 visitors, 1,500 brand owners, and 350 domestic and foreign media from 45 countries participated in the expo. Read more


The market for e-liquids is highly competitive while increasingly restrictive regulations in many countries heat up the battle even further. Only intuitive ideas and smart innovation help players survive in this difficult environment. Read more


The Seventh Circuit has ruled that Indiana’s law regulating the production of vape liquids for e-cigarettes imposes broad requirements on out-of-state manufacturers that are unprecedented and unconstitutional. Read more


A new UK study has found that chemicals used in some flavored e-liquids could affect male sperm count. Read more


As the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow among consumers, the demand for e-cigarettes and e-liquids has increased exponentially, providing a very lucrative opportunity for producers. Read more


From the Associate editor

Jumping the Gun with E-Cig Bans?

Food for thought: could this rush to ban e-cigarettes and flavors actually backfire on public health?

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