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China's two major e-commerce platforms say they would suspend the sale of e-cigarettes to US buyers in order to comply with a strict control policy over this category in the country. Read more


The Canadian government is considering putting a cancer warning label on every individual cigarette stick sold in the country. If passed, this will make Canada the first country in the world to do so. Read more


The Ministry of Health and Welfare said this September or October it plans to announce a measure pushing to enlarge the size of graphic warning images on cigarette packs. Read more


Since August 10, the US Food and Drug Administration requires new warning labels on e-cigarettes and certain other tobacco products. Read more


Action Nepal speakers have called on the government to make tobacco industries abide by a law requiring 90% graphic warnings on tobacco packaging. Read more


The Hong Kong government’s stance on tobacco health warnings continues to go against WHO guidelines, insisting on retaining the display of the tar and nicotine yields on tobacco packaging. Read more


The health benefits of quitting smoking are widely accepted, but researchers from the University of North Carolina have taken issue with the suggestion that doctors should routinely recommend e-cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes. Read more


Despite government efforts to tighten tobacco controls, simplifying cigarette packaging with picture health warnings proves to be quite difficult in China due to stiff corporate resistance and cultural traditions. Read more


Tobacco Institute of India, a lobby group that represents 98% of India’s cigarette industry, threatened to halt production claiming “ambiguity” over the government’s policy on health warnings displayed on tobacco packs. Read more


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Reflections and Resolutions

An eventful year for an industry undergoing changes, and more to come.

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