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South Africa’s Tobacco Tax Mess

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South Africa, one of the largest cigarette markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, has maneuvered itself into an unsavory tax-dodging situation unique in the world. Read more


An illegal cigarette factory was dismantled near the city of Namur, ending a months-long investigation by customs authorities into an illicit cigarette trade worth an estimated EUR6 million. Read more


A global pact to battle the illicit tobacco trade began in September with the World Health Organization hailing it as “game-changing” in eliminating widespread health-hazardous and criminal activity. Read more


According to Middle East experts in the black market trade, UAE’s landmark 100% tobacco tax has led half the smoking population to turn to cheaper, illicit cigarettes. Read more


A report by the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa conducted by Ipsos on the market share of illicit cigarettes in the country has revealed illicit cigarettes are South Africa’s biggest tobacco brand. Read more


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Reflections and Resolutions

An eventful year for an industry undergoing changes, and more to come.

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