Tobacco Asia had the chance to catch up with Stefano Cavallari, general manager of GIMA TT. Here he shares his perspective on the industry and future possibilities. Read more


GIMA TT has signed in an agreement with Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co. Ltd. to supply lines for the packaging of cigarettes. Read more


British American Tobacco recently launched its glo tobacco heating product in Italy, making it the seventh market after Japan, South Korea, Russia, Romania, Canada, and Switzerland. Read more


The Coesia Group announces the acquisition of Molins Instrumentation & Tobacco Machinery business. Read more


Italian leaf suppliers love to put passion into their lives - and their tobacco product. But like elsewhere in the world, they are also facing tough market conditions and stiff competition. Tobacco Asia talks to a colorful array of players. Read more


Philip Morris International opens its first manufacturing facility in Italy for large-scale production of two heated tobacco alternatives to cigarettes. Read more


Mark Aldridge will join the management of Garbuio Dickinson Group, headquartered in Treviso, Italy. Read more


From the Associate editor

Jumping the Gun with E-Cig Bans?

Food for thought: could this rush to ban e-cigarettes and flavors actually backfire on public health?

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