Seychelles is about to introduce a new regulation that will classify alternative nicotine products, which include vaporizers and e-cigarettes, under the tobacco control law, legalizing these products following recent approval by cabinet ministers. Read more


It is indisputable that cannabis is the next big thing, gaining more attention from consumers, governments, as well as related businesses. Read more


Malawi is following in the footsteps of other African countries to look at legalizing cannabis. Read more


Greg Hunt, Australia’s health minister, says he will never lift the ban on e-cigarettes despite an ongoing Senate inquiry into their use. Read more


A federal parliamentary inquiry is examining whether e-cigarettes should be legalized in Australia. Read more


New Zealand’s ACT Party is backing the government’s decision to legalize nicotine e-cigarettes, saying that it is the biggest thing National has done to tackle poverty in a very long time. Read more


The government of New Zealand has confirmed that the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes will be legalized in the country. Read more


From the Associate editor

Thai Policy Burns

Sometimes it seems regulators are just in a race to outdo each other in coming up with the new policies makes you shake your head in amazement. The latest doozy is from Thailand.

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