A global pact to battle the illicit tobacco trade began in September with the World Health Organization hailing it as “game-changing” in eliminating widespread health-hazardous and criminal activity. Read more


The World Health Organization ignores its own treaty which obliges signatories to adopt the harm reduction approach of encouraging safer nicotine products. Read more


After slower sales of its IQOS product, Philip Morris International is trying on a new strategy to appeal to more conservative smokers in Japan who aren’t willingly exchanging their cigarettes for high-tech gadgets. Read more


Philip Morris International is reportedly planning new investments in Russia, according to Alexander Zhukov, first deputy speaker of the State Duma. Read more


Japan Tobacco International has slashed the prices on its heated tobacco products after a similar move by rival Philip Morris, signaling increased competition in Japan’s market for alternative cigarettes. Read more


Philip Morris International is reportedly planning to launch iQOS in India, according to Reuters. Read more


Philip Morris International reported that IQOS is now in cities in some 38 countries and that its success outside the United States has been continuing apace but data from Asia indicates that IQOS sales have plateaued in Japan. Read more


Things are stirring at the multinationals as they’re gearing up to lead consumers into an era where smoke-free next-generation products will (perhaps) replace combustibles for good. But is it a realistic goal? Read more


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Isn't it Time for Transparency and Dialogue?

From settling disagreements between siblings to negotiating treaties on an international level, transparent dialogue is encouraged. But is seems that isn't always the case.

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