19i4_Western Vape Liquids Looking East

Laboratoire Lips France

As European and North American markets approach saturation, a number of western e-liquid manufacturers have begun pushing into Asia, especially China. Tobacco Asia talks to two prominent European companies that see bright futures in the East. Read more


Called pod mods, these light-weight, portable vaping devices are all the rage at the moment. Wholesalers want them, retailers desire them, end-users celebrate them. Tobacco Asia inquires what the circus is all about. Read more


Devices in the pod mod arena are consistently shrinking in size. This happens because a smaller device is easier to carry yet still remains fully functional. Read more


Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the Food and Drug Administration is likely to consider removing all pod and cartridge e-cigarettes from the market. The move could come if this year’s national youth tobacco survey shows an Read more


Juul has stopped accepting orders for its mango, fruit, crème, and cucumber pods to more than 90,000 convenience stores, vape shops, and other retailers that sell them since November 13. Read more


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Reflections and Resolutions

An eventful year for an industry undergoing changes, and more to come.

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