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UAE's Federal Tax Authority has announced that the sale or distribution of any unmarked tobacco products will be prohibited across all local markets from August 1. Read more


Tax stamps are now becoming even more critical as an additional security feature on consumer goods, particularly on tobacco products. Read more


UAE’s Federal Tax Authority confirms it is set to introduce a new digital tax stamp scheme for tobacco products, which will come into effect at the beginning of 2019. Read more


ITSA: Some Beef with TPD2

Courtesy of ITSA

The International Tax Stamp Association is warning that the EU’s TPD2 may not be compatible with the WHO’s FCTC as far as T&T requirements are concerned and that some adjustments may be sorely needed. Read more


The International Tax Stamp Association brings together leading industry companies and stakeholders to promote a better understanding of the benefits of tax stamp programs and the highest professional standards within the sector. Read more


British American Tobacco says a new Kenyan stamp duty on the cigarette industry is punitive. Read more


The International Tax Stamp Association’s Christine Macqueen describes how tax stamps offer a highly secure, standardized, and cost-effective solution to combat the illicit trade in tobacco and other goods. Read more


Growing global recognition of the critical role of tobacco excise tax stamps has prompted the sector to come together with the formation of a new trade association. Read more


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Sustainability and Innovation

Two seemingly juxtaposed concepts, ensuring continuity of what already exits and introducing what doesn’t but should. Could the tobacco industry do both?

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