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The government in Singapore announces it would introduce new plain packaging measures early in 2019 when all tobacco products will be packaged in a standardized size, shape, and drab brown color, free of any logos or images. Read more


The global tobacco packaging market is expected to reach US$14.9bn in 2018 and develop dynamically over the forecast period, driven by emerging economies, says a report by Visiongain. Read more



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Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, InterTabac once again was established as the international forum of the industry. Read more


Schur now offers a fully automatic weighing/closing system for packing shisha tobacco into bags. Read more


Action Nepal speakers have called on the government to make tobacco industries abide by a law requiring 90% graphic warnings on tobacco packaging. Read more


Tobacco legislation and regulation continues to increase in complexity around the world, with further restrictions. Legislation varies in severity from one country to the next. Read more


A new report says packaging for the tobacco industry will grow 3.1% by 2022. Read more


Tobacco companies fell under fire for tin cigarette packs they released shortly before the date when retailers could no longer sell branded cigarette packets, as a grace period to allow tobacco firms to phase out old cartons came to an end. Read more


A new report by Marketsandmarkets says that packaging for the tobacco industry will grow from US$14.27 billion in 2017 to US$16.65 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.1%. Read more


The Hong Kong government’s stance on tobacco health warnings continues to go against WHO guidelines, insisting on retaining the display of the tar and nicotine yields on tobacco packaging. Read more


Japan’s Finance Ministry will consider requiring tobacco packaging to display more prominent warnings on possible negative health impacts caused by smoking. Read more


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