tobacco pricing

The Malaysian Finance Ministry says the price of tobacco, including cigarettes, will remain the same. Read more


Increased cigarette prices and a change in distribution channel have helped British American Tobacco Uganda Limited to enjoy record growth in net profit amidst tough tobacco regulation. Read more


A Tobacco Control Commission official said that opening prices were better this year, compared to the previous season, and they might get better still. Read more


The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board expects Zimbabwe’s tobacco output to rise 5.8% this year as farmers started selling their crop at the country’s auctions. Read more


Japan Tobacco Inc. has applied for approval to amend retail prices of six products including Wakaba and Echo of the former third class cigarettes, which would become effective on April 1, 2017. Read more


A value-added tax bill has been proposed in Egypt. If passed, the law would impose more financial burdens on Egyptians. Read more


Officials from auction floors say tobacco prices have now picked up after weeks of stormy sales following low prices and high rejection rates. Read more


From the Associate editor

Sustainability and Innovation

Two seemingly juxtaposed concepts, ensuring continuity of what already exits and introducing what doesn’t but should. Could the tobacco industry do both?

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