Tobacco Products Directive

The International Tax Stamp Association has lodged an appeal against the European Union Court of Justice’s decision to dismiss its legal claims surrounding the Tobacco Products Directive. Read more


The European Union’s TPD2 is now in effect, and perhaps it approached a bit too fast for some to make their track and trace (T&T) procedures compliant. Tobacco Asia talks to a Croatian outfit which offers an intriguing solution that can help struggle Read more


Honeywell has announced that its track-and-trace product had been nominated by tobacco manufacturers to help them find suitable suppliers who are part of the tobacco supply chain and comply with the EU Tobacco Products Directive II (TPD2). Read more


Essentra Plc’s Scientific Services facility is the only laboratory in the UK to be named on the European Union’s list of approved providers for its tobacco products directive testing. Read more


Since May, tobacco products placed on the market in EU countries have had to comply with the Tobacco Products Directive. Japan Tobacco International says that this is over-regulation and someone needs to be held accountable. Read more


From the Associate editor

Jumping the Gun with E-Cig Bans?

Food for thought: could this rush to ban e-cigarettes and flavors actually backfire on public health?

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