US Tobacco Cooperative

USTC's Oscar House talks about the tobacco industry and the ongoing trade war between the United States and China in this exclusive Tobacco Asia interview. Read more


The Board of Directors of US Tobacco Cooperative Inc. has named Oscar J. House, III c.e.o. and president effective January 15, 2019. Read more


The consumer products division of US Tobacco Cooperative Inc. (USTC), Premier Manufacturing of Chesterfield, MO, has just completed a move to new office and warehouse space. Read more


The consumer products division of US Tobacco Cooperative Inc., is now supplying Traffic brand cigarettes to Circle K stores in 40 states. Read more


US Tobacco Cooperative Inc. welcomes Fred McClintock as its new vice president of information technology. He will be responsible for technology operations across all divisions within the company and the long-term systems planning initiatives. Read more



The Flue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corporation has embarked on a rebranding mission that has made the tobacco industry aware of its new identity. Read more


US Tobacco Cooperative Inc. is participating in the social responsibility in tobacco production program. The program ensures and recognizes that industry standards are being adhered to throughout the product cycle from seed to final delivery. Read more


From the Associate editor

Reflections and Resolutions

An eventful year for an industry undergoing changes, and more to come.

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