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Juul is launching its first Bluetooth-connected vape in the UK after piloting the device in Canada. Read more


The government could potentially lose as much as US$1.43 billion in taxes from cigarettes and vaping products due to poor enforcement against smugglers, Japan Tobacco International Berhad (JTI Malaysia) recently announced. Read more


19i4_Logic Turns Compact

JT International SA

JTI’s Logic range of vaping products is known for its quality and has been a success in the world’s most important vaping markets. Now the company is in the midst of a global roll-out of the even more convenient, pocket-sized Logic Compact. Read more


Philip Morris International is to sell “smokeless cigarettes” over the counter for the first time after a recent change in the law legalized its sale. Read more


Philippines’ Senate has approved a bill raising the excise taxes on tobacco products and imposing duties on vape products. Read more


From the Associate editor

Jumping the Gun with E-Cig Bans?

Food for thought: could this rush to ban e-cigarettes and flavors actually backfire on public health?

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