The International Tax Stamp Association is warning that the EU’s TPD2 may not be compatible with the WHO’s FCTC as far as T&T requirements are concerned and that some adjustments may be sorely needed. more


Results from a Global Adult Tobacco Survey report has shown the use of tobacco has declined in the last 8 years. more


World Health Organization wants to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products, and Fiji would benefit greatly from the ratification. more


The tobacco industry is being accused of trying to control track-and-trace measures because it is complicit in the smuggling of its own products. more


Senior officials at Oman’s Ministry of Health announced that tobacco tax will soon be doubled. more


A letter sent by the Property Rights Alliance to the World Health Organization says the removal of brands from packaging is a “gross violation” of intellectual property rights and has failed to achieve its intended goals. more


From the Associate editor

Marketing 101

There is no industry more regulated than the tobacco industry, and this extends to its marketing. But, do basic marketing concepts differ much between tobacco and any other product?

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